What does it mean to Me?

When a patient and family choose to cease treatments and procedures that are no longer effective and instead focus on the individuals comfort, compassion and dignity is referred to as palliative care within a hospice organization.

Hospice care treats the symptoms of the disease, not the disease itself. The areas of comfort, compassion and dignity become the focal points for the Hospice patient and their family.


A plan of care is developed by a professional clinical team to address all areas of pain management and physical discomfort to bring about relief that is both physical and emotional.


The individual and family are coping with mental, emotional and spiritual issues Our team of social workers and chaplains are trained to help bring understanding and healing to the mind and soul of all those involved.


Honoring the patient and family’s desire to be a part of the hospice process in an integral consideration of the care that is delivered. The respect of the patient is above all else.